Aiposen Pc Motherboard USB & PCI Analyser Diagnostic Card Tester

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Motherboard Diagnostic Card, also known as a “POST Card” (Power On Self Test), is used to test & diagnose motherboard problems; This universal Notebook/Desktop Diagnostic Card is a powerful diagnostic tool for technicians and administrators to troubleshoot various problems of compatible notebooks by using the 25 pin parallel printer port (LPT) and USB port (for power) or desktop PCs using a standard PCI slot; With this card in hand, you no longer have to go through tedious and time consuming process of trying to figure out what is wrong with your hardware; This Desktop Diagnostic Card can indicate exactly what is wrong with your notebook in just seconds. It can save time and money; If your computer has problems powering up, freezes for long periods of time, suddenly shuts down unexpectedly or shows other signs of hardware problems – this card can diagnose your problem.


  • Laptop Diagnostic Card can diagnosis the motherboard signal which show the problem of CPU, Memory, display card and so on
  • LED displays shows diagnosis result of motherboard.
  • It can save time and money
  • Dimension of cards: L8.5 x W7.0 x H1.4cm
  • Package included:1 x PC Diagnostic Card, 1 x USB cable,1 x instruction book


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